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Hello and welcome!

I'm Jay, a yogi and photographer from the heart of a little Caribbean Island called Puerto Rico and currently based in Orlando, FL. 

I've always enjoyed different practices of physical activities and movement. I grew up playing soccer and I continued to do that for many years, all the way up to professional. After retiring, I started coaching two teams in Puerto Rico and that's when I found out all I wanted to do was teach. But that wasn't my only passion. I did enjoy long days of skateboarding, BMX, motocross, and paintball. Always a practitioner of extreme sports.

It wasn't until after I graduated High School that I started training, lifting weights, and practicing mixed martial arts. Calisthenics became a big part of my daily routine. I started exploring through different movement practices and I landed in Yoga. At first it was pretty much the practice of different asanas I knew; like Bakasana and Sirsasana. Having a background in breakdancing, these were relatively easy for me and that's why I practiced them all the time. 



After a couple of years of intense training, I found myself in a position where I was feeling like there was something missing. I felt like I was working hard on my body, but my mind and spirit needed some work of their own, too. That's when I decided to go back to that practice I've been implementing on my training. 

Yoga became a gateway to many amazing things in my life. Not only I was working the body in a different way, but I was working really hard on the practice of keeping the mind still. I started practicing Dharma Yoga and eventually got certified as a Hatha-Raja Yoga teacher. 

It's been an amazing journey that's taken me to many great places and connected me with the most amazing souls you can possibly think of. 

Love is all and all is love. Stay open. Be receptive.